Rules for the creation of alchemical spells | alchemical (functional) meanings of the tarot arcana Igor Olenev

The name of the practice «Alchemy spells» fully corresponds to the historical understanding of what alchemy is. Alchemy is the science of transformations and transformations of a person. The extraction of alchemical gold from the mixing of substances is a metaphor for combining the energy flows passed through the human body and obtaining the necessary success at the exit (it is also a miracle, the fifth element or alchemical gold).

Alchemical Spell Rule:
Alchemists created their own «periodic table» of magical elements, namely a deck of TAROT cards. Each lasso is a certain energy flow (channel) that really exists in the physical world. The task of an alchemical spell is to select a combination of 4 necessary magic elements (energy flows / channels) for a specific person in his specific life situation and for solving a specific life task. Alchemical spells are always composed of 4 tarot arcana. 4 lasso are taken according to the principle of four cardinal points and the rule of stability (4 legs of a table or chair). In this sense, a cross or a square is an ideal structure. The first card is taken from the major arcana, the second from the court arcana, the third from the numerical arcana, and the fourth card is taken from the entire deck and complements one of the three for the same group of arcana, either the senior arcana, or the court arcana, or the numerical arcana. An alchemical spell is a combination of 4 streams of energy that are involved in a person’s life and enhance their manifestations in the body with the help of spells (mantras) composed of 4 arcana. In psychology, this is called the formation of psychological attitudes, self-hypnosis and anchoring. A properly chosen alchemical spell has tremendous power. Tarot cards in this case are used as images-catalysts of the necessary energies. At the moment of action, it is important to be aware of the internal connection with energy flows according to the principle of the 4 arcana. The words of the spell should be pronounced aloud (or listen to an audio recording made with your own voice) at least 4-5 times a day (the more, the better). For the creation of alchemical spells, it is necessary to know well the alchemical (functional) meanings of tarot cards. It is best to do alchemy spells on the CREATOR FATUM tarot deck.

Alchemy spell text:
1. «Name of the arcana» — give me the magical power of the «word of the spell».
2. «Name of the arcana» — give me the magical power of the «word of the spell».
3. «Name of the arcana» — give me the magical power of the «word of the spell».
4. «Name of the arcana» — give me the magical power of the «word of the spell».

The word «magic» can be replaced by «life» (the meaning is the same).

The purpose of alchemical spells:
— Combine rational goals on the inner plane with the irrational power of intention.
— Activation of personal abilities through the use of different energy flows.
— Self-development through plastic transition (transformations) to different streams.
— Ability to see both the fate of other people and your own in the logic of processes (en. Flows).
— Perception of other dimensions of reality, where events are controlled by living processes.

Alchemical Spell Tasks:

Selection of four arcana in accordance with the rule of alchemical spells and drawing up the text of spells, which is then read out as mantras. Casting spells produces the necessary self-adjustment in the human psyche and is done until the power of intention is fully involved in the intended business.
— It is necessary to learn to feel the spirit of curiosity («animal», which is the quintessence of life and the carrier of the energy of intention).
— It is also necessary to deeply and subtly understand the alchemical (functional) meaning of each arcana in order to see which energy flows are needed to solve a particular life task.
— The alchemist must accurately determine the logic of events occurring in a person’s life in the language of functional (alchemical) meanings of the tarot arcana.
— The practicing alchemist helps to work out a unique combination of personality-situation-target at the request of the client, for this reason each alchemical spell is unique. Any instructions and templates are excluded. However, some examples may suggest a thought.
— When casting alchemical spells, it is important to see all the arcana in front of you.
— The Creator Fatum tarot deck is needed not only by the master alchemist, but also by the client (for the spell, it’s still better to use your deck, and not photo collages on the smartphone screen).

Key benefits of alchemy spells:
— Alchemical spells are an absolutely independent fundamental practical direction.
— Mastering alchemical spells does not require special education. We need: life experience, the ability to feel other people, observation and the ability to express thoughts in words.
— The power of alchemical spells is that the rational volitional pushing of reality to achieve goals is combined with the irrational activity of unconscious mechanisms, thanks to which a person automatically uses any opportunities. It is this combination that greatly increases the likelihood of the necessary events and makes the MIRACLE possible!
— The possibilities of practicing alchemical spells go far beyond solving problems and are more focused on the question — what psychological attitudes will help to achieve the desired goal. For this reason, alchemical spells are universal.

Features of training:
The art of casting alchemical spells is passed down through personal initiation by an alchemist mentor who is genuinely interested in the skill and success of his disciples. Learning the alchemical meanings of the arcana should not take much time on the part of the mentor and for the most part should be independent. The spell casting rule itself is not difficult. However, the alchemist-mentor must teach the students during the creation of alchemical spells to feel how much the created spell is capable of awakening, directing and increasing the power of INTENTION.

It’s important to know! Since each alchemical spell is purely individual and never repeated, it is correct to say — to cast an alchemical spell. Alchemical spells are creativity and therefore are created!

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Alchemical (functional) principles of the arcana

Major arcana:

0. JOKE — Replay the usual reality, finding an unexpected solution and a new path, which was even impossible to imagine.

1. MAG — By the right of the chosen one to push through reality and establish a new order with the skill and personal power given from above.

2. HIGH PRIESTESS — Hear yourself and rely on your inner sense of truth in order to understand what is happening and find the right decisions.

3. EMPRESS — Carefully monitor chaotically changing circumstances, tenaciously snatching out unexpectedly emerging opportunities.

4. EMPEROR — Strict self-discipline and strict adherence to clearly established rules and order.

5. HIEROPHANT — An honest analysis of the mistakes made in relation to oneself, so as not to repeat them in the future.

6. LOVE — Responsible choice, implying acceptance of possible consequences and rejection of other options.

7. CHARIOT — Pursuit of new fateful prospects, a radical change in lifestyle, zeroing out the connection with the past.

8. JUSTICE — Maintaining a delicate balance and balance at the intersection of interests of different parties, the art of diplomacy.

9. HERMIT — To put things in order in thoughts, carefully separating their true needs from momentary desires, ie. permanent from temporary.

10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE — Bringing together disparate pieces of personal experience to build the foundations for well-deserved success.

11. STRENGTH — The ultimate concentration of inner attention in a specific direction and a strong-willed jerk to achieve the desired goal.

12. THE HANGER — To pay a fee by giving (exchanging, replacing) one part of your life (something meaningful or familiar) in order to find another (new) part of your life.

13. DEATH — Prioritize and cut off all the insignificant (sort), so that the released energy of life is directed to what is needed and bears fruit.

14. MODERATION — With full dedication to devote yourself to any business, putting its importance above personal interests.

15. DEVIL — Channel and use the energy of obsessions and obsessive passion to achieve goals that need overmotivation.

16. TOWER — Constantly be prepared for a sharp change in the development of events for the worst, in order to always have backup goals and plans.

17. STAR — To simulate in your imagination a picture of the future and live in the present radii of its embodiment in the realities of this world.

18. MOON — Separating imaginary fears from real threats to maintain the necessary caution based on a reasonable assessment of the risks.

19. SUN — The feeling of a pleasure-giving stream of grace, gained through a spiritually close lifestyle and occupation.

20. COURT — Correlate each of your decisions and actions with possible consequences, both external and internal.

21. WORLD — Implement large-scale plans with unlimited prospects according to the principle: «the sea is knee-deep for big monsters, and no one can tell them how to live.»

Court lasso:

Page of wands — A successful solution to current life tasks (problems), do not postpone until tomorrow what can be done today.

Knight of Wands — Uncompromising adherence to principles on the verge of fanaticism, readiness to fight for your idea and even go against everyone for the right to its existence.

Queen of Wands — The ownership of the territory (in the broadest sense) of personal interests and its protection, both from external and internal problems.

King of Wands — Leadership authority, the ability to unite the interests of many people in a common cause and lead to a common goal.

Page of Cups — Getting great pleasure from every fragment of your life, finding something interesting and exciting for yourself.

Knight of Cups — To have the power of passion, to withstand the colossal stress of acute emotions and strong feelings that drives you crazy.

Queen of Cups — The desire to create your own Paradise and surround yourself with everything that is close to your heart, dear to the soul and awe.

The King of Cups is Wise contemplation, the vision of the world as it is, with everything that is beautiful and terrible that exists in it.

Page of Swords — Psychological flexibility, the ability to deftly wriggle out in a delicate situation and replay everything in your favor.

Knight of Swords — Go to your distant dream, despite the initially low probability of achieving it and misunderstanding on the part of even close people.

Queen of Swords — The ability to most profitably present your role and position in society in order to get the maximum dividends.

King of Swords — Manipulative use of other people’s personal capabilities through a built-up network of connections and relationships.

Page of Denarii — The accumulation of useful knowledge and skills that can become tools for solving life problems of all kinds.

Knight of the Denarii — Performing in full all the necessary hard work, requiring perseverance and time.

Queen of Denarii — Making the most of everything that is a line of business, on the principle — everything should work and generate income.

King of Denarii — Ability to organize a business, distribute responsibilities, clearly set tasks and comply with all requirements.

Number arcana:

Ace of Wands — Increasing internal readiness to challenge any problems on the way to the desired goal, no matter how difficult and dangerous it may be.

2 of wands — Determine for yourself a direction of activity that is convenient for achieving other life goals, so as not to be distracted from the main business.

3 of Wands — Prepare yourself for all the challenges that might get in the way of achieving your goal, so that no problem is caught by surprise.

4 of Wands — Plan your actions, assess the risks and enlist the support of everyone in advance who can help or come in handy in one way or another.

5 wands — Break the big goal into surmountable areas and use the tactics of small victories to go through secondary victories to the main one.

6 wands — Each achievement should be assessed only as an intermediate one, living according to the principle “my real triumph is still ahead”.

7 of Wands — Do not give enemies a single chance and fully focus on all the tasks of the case, so as not to make a single mistake.

8 of wands — Go against your own fears and dare to act meaningful in life for the sake of high ideals.

9 of wands — Without expecting betrayal, rely only on those comrades-in-arms and like-minded people who are personally interested in the success of the mentor.

10 of wands — Without thinking to rely on the accumulated personal experience and over the years the prevailing attitude towards oneself on the part of other people.
Ace of Cups — A creative attitude towards your life as a fiction novel filled with deep meanings and passion.

2 cups — Release desires and fall in love, so that through the power of attraction you can explode the potential of sensuality within yourself.

3 cups — Create as many common projects as possible that will be dear to the heart and important for all partners involved in the relationship.

4 cups — On a subject of interest, in order to avoid speculation, collect as many facts as possible and carefully analyze each one.

5 Cups — Make decisions after evaluating the worst case scenario, provided that this option is generally also satisfactory.

6 cups — Maintain those alliances and relationships on which common projects depend, stimulating contribution to the common cause from the other side.

7 cups — Approaching the matter easily and on the courage for the sake of soul drive, without thinking about the consequences and how it all looks from the outside.

8 cups — Emotionally abstract from any relationship and evaluate everything that happens from the outside as an uninterested person.

9 cups — Understand the special inner hopes of another person, what motivates him, what he fears, what he values, what he dreams of and without which he does not see the meaning of life.

10 cups — Enjoy life the way other people can, and on the wave of the universal joy of being, experience the exultation of elation.

Ace of Swords — Strengthening the inner need for personal self-realization on the wave of the desire for fame and universal recognition.

2 swords — Believe in yourself and your capabilities, even if no one believes in them and does not support them morally, i.e. to be cool and wonderful to yourself.

3 of swords — In the camp of open enemies and ill-wishers, be like in war, using the hatred of enemies as the fuel of motivation.

4 swords — Hiding, waiting and not asking for trouble, while temporary circumstances are generally not for the better.

5 swords — Basically stand your ground and at all costs keep a blow of any force, not yielding or backing down (not a step back).

6 of Swords — In the present, set the stage for desired prospects (set for the future) by solving potential problems before they arise.

7 swords — Present yourself brightly and make everyone believe in the created image, so that later you can also force yourself to correspond to the created image.

8 swords — When assessing their real capabilities, honestly start from the principle «what at the moment I am in the bottom line.»

9 Swords — Distinguish real from far-fetched prospects and rely only on what can bring results.

10 swords — Rely solely on yourself and your strength, based on the fact that the result is not guaranteed, but only possible.

Ace of Denarii — Increasing the inner need for creation, in order to create something big and significant with your own hands.

2 denarii — Treating business as a hobby that brings not only pleasure, but also spiritual recovery (recovery).

3 denarii — Mastering business as a craft at the level of working schemes of the sequence of actions (recipes, instructions, etc.) leading to a predetermined result.

4 denarii — Behavior in accordance with professional self-respect and dignity, emphasizing the social significance of the case.

5 denarii — A critical attitude towards yourself and your work in order to raise the bar of skills to the highest possible level.

6 denarii — In your business to be guided by the real needs, desires and capabilities of other people on the principle of «demand creates supply.»

7 denarii — Use your enemies, opponents and competitors as a tool (means) to achieve the desired goals.

8 denarii — Invest effort, time and money in a project until it becomes independent and starts working for itself.

9 denarii — To nullify lost profits by bringing all aspects of the business to perfect work and their relationship with each other.

10 denarii — Successfully implement the planned business based on the original project and personal talents.

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